PUMP CATEGORY / Monobloc Centrifugal Pumps

Monobloc Centrifugal Pumps


Horizontal single stage end-suction pump with the closed impeller. Suction branch axial, discharge branch radial upwards. Axial thrust is balanced by balancing holes of the impeller. The suction and discharge flanges are confirming to DIN 2533 / PN 16. Electric motor is directly mounted to the pump with B5 flange and direction of rotation is clockwise viewed from driver end.



Liquid circulation
Irrigation systems
Pressurized water supply
Transfer of liquids without solid particles
Refining systems and industrial facilities
Swimming pool systems
Firefighting systems
Checmical and petrochemical industries


Model dd/rpm kw Q/(m'/h) Hm (mss/mwc) Emme Çıkış
65 WZ 19 1450 0,75-2,2 2-30 2,1-10,2 80mm-3" 65mm-2½" 65 WZ 19 2900 7,5-15 4-60 8,5-42 80mm-3" 65mm-2½" 100 KZ 31 1450 30-15 40-120 32,7-12,5 125mm-5" 100mm-4"